Back to the Future Movie Car

December 25th 2013 @ Rick Newman's Christmas Commotion Boca Raton FL

Back to the Future Movie Car

My Christmas Eve “Make A Wish” Event was a tremendous success. At 7pm the Boca Raton Fire Department brought Santa over in an antique fire truck where he then got into his sleigh and took pictures with everyone young and old. We gave away over 20 gallons of egg nog, approx. 1000 candy canes and about the same amount of cookies. The truck stayed for most of the evening and the fire department showed kids of all ages how it works. Of course the big attraction other than Santa was the “Back to the Future” DeLorean which was on display all night in my driveway.


   I would like to thank the Boca Raton Fire Dept. for providing the fire truck, Anthony Majhess and John Luca for making the arrangements with the fire dept., Dave Weaver for driving the fire truck over, Monica Rosales of DocMiami for the food and eggnog, Joey Jet for being the best Santa ever, Boca Raton City Hall and Code Enforcement for letting this grand event take place and the Boca Raton Police Dept. for making sure everyone was safe. I apologize if I’ve left anyone out.


   Hope everyone has a GREAT holiday season and a fantastic New Year.